On Suicide #1

On by oxalorg

First of all, this should in no way urge you to actually commit suicide. It’s a sensitive topic and I don’t want people to believe in what I am saying (quite the opposite rather). I want to explore the multitude of views and opinions about living a better life and and what better way to learn about life than to study death itself.

What happens after you kill an animal? It’s gone. It vanishes. There’s no way to know what actually happened. Maybe it was an alien playing Goat simulator, maybe all of this is just a dream and we didn’t really kill anyone. There could be lots of excuses which can be made to what happens after death, but none of them should matter to us as one thing stands clear, whatever it is, it is the end and anything from the point of death does not matter.

It the exact same reason why anything before your birth also does not matter. It’s “time” you can not go back to. It’s value is not attainable nor measurable by you.

Now humans are creatures of greed. You can either be greedy to acquire more pleasure, or greedy to reduce your sufferings. On your quest to satiate the pleasures you may want to maximize your life span, because everything after death does not matter.

But for the greed (or rather the struggle) to reduce sufferings, there aren’t a lot of things which can be done. Majority of the world isn’t in your control, you can not see any light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe others can, maybe they get out. But do you really want to be suffering constantly or rather choose the unknown for because after death you do not exist and nothing matters.

The actions of suicide doesn’t affect you, since there no longer exists a”you”. It’s a greedy decision (and hence Kant is against committing suicide, because you don’t want the entire world to be doing that thing), but it’s not something thing to be deemed as an evil sin in itself.

Can you no longer see a road to freedom? It’s right in front of you. You need only turn over your wrists. -Seneca

(PS: I may not make sense, and all of this might be utter crap and I’m happy to understand and have a hearty discussion on it! ^_^) I’ll be writing more about this when I visit some other view points in detail